Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Outlook Cloudy But Favourable

Northumbria has a long and proud tradition of working in glass. This is thought to date back to the 7th Century when European craftsmen were hired to glaze the windows of St Peter's Church at Monkwearmouth. Moving this venerable tradition forward is the Danish artist Anne Vibeke Mou with her new window at Healey Church near Riding Mill. Her painstakingly crafted piece was created by punching thousands of marks on to the surface of the glass with a metal point. It is, in essence, a minimalist abstract work where the form itself is the content; but for me, it gives the distinct impression of sunlight struggling to break through an overcast sky. In the context of a church window, that image carries an extra resonance. Special thanks to Jamie for the photo; more details about the artist at