Monday, 18 July 2011

Ready Steady Blog

A blog has to start somewhere; or, to paraphrase Chairman Mao, the blog of a thousand entries starts with a single word. 'A' should be as good a word to start with as any, but does the indefinite article really count as a word? Oh well, it's too late to worry about that now; thanks to this drivel, my new blog is up and running on the information superhighway.

As well as the usual guff, my aim is to document a little of the thriving music and arts scene in my home town. There's a lively pub music tradition here in Durham, with a choice of community folk sessions, or banging open mic nights where you can get up and do your thing in front of a baying mob of drunks. My favourite is the acoustic night they host on Wednesdays at The Market Tavern. There's usually a good crowd and a free pint if you have the bottle to get up and play. Here's yours truly working hard for his beer...