Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Market Tavern Open Mic - 31/8/11

The open mic after a bank holiday is often quieter than usual, but I wasn't expecting to be one of only two singers to turn up! In the end, Nick G and me did 14 songs each, whilst rather stupidly failing to re-negotiate the one free pint deal.

Nick ran through a substantial chunk of his Robyn Hitchcock/Half Man Half Biscuit song-book and even chucked in a rare Status Quo number from their 60's flower power period. For my first set, I did the six songs I'd actually rehearsed, but when I was called up again, decided to wing it with songs I hadn't played since my folk club days in the Tap & Spile. Luckily, the small but vocal audience got behind me as I ran through another eight tunes, including a corking version of 'Sweet Jane' that seemed to get everyone going (and not just to the exits).

Our hosts Honest Jack also did expanded sets in their usual close harmony style and Neil got up without his bandmates to do some fancy guitar instrumentals. A good night all in all and excellent practice at live performance. In fact, that's the beauty of these open mics - you get a chance to try out playing live without the bother of bringing instruments and people usually clap politely even if you're shite. So why not come on down and have a go.